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How might we improve the Coronado Gateway?
As a snowbird who has spent 4 - 5 months on Coronado for the last fifteen years or so, I must confess that I continue to be very nervous about entering and exiting the village via the Coronado-SD Bridge. The high volume of traffic at speed, the curvature of the bridge reducing distant visibility, and the expansion/contraction of lanes all work against creating a "Welcome to The Crown City" or some other such artistic statement/icon. The last thing we need is another visual distraction to further complicate what is an already delicate balancing of man and machine in a safe "crossing." At least when tolls were collected, drivers had to slow down/stop. Welcoming signage is a wonderful idea for pedestrian traffic - not so for those driving hundreds of horses. -Bill
The project team received a comment from the Third and Fourth Streets Planning Community to incorporate and maintain access to a crisis phone in or around the tollbooth plaza area. For more information, visit
This is concept, not detail: As traffic completes the turn and finally faces the city, the view is of Fourth Ave (and its oncoming traffic). UGH! Put shrubbery and flower boxes atop the current arch (or its replacement) to create a softer, more inviting appearance. This position could be enhanced by seasonal decor/flags but I think CALTrans would have a valid object on to things which actively distract drivers. Exterior color of the buildings: I recommend a soft green (like our house) or the stronger "Coronado" green; I am opposed to institutional beige/tan. Can (a portion of) this building be used as a visitor information center? See you at the workshop. - Charles
Can we tear it down and start from scratch? - David
Remove the toll plaza completely. Remove the extra lanes and put in green space. Have an arch with "Coronado" and a crown on top where the toll plaza is now. Have signage the last 1/4 mile of the bridge slowing people down so the 25 mph is an easier transition. I personally like having the highway patrol presence so If you keep the highway patrol building remodel in the hotel del architecture style or early California mission style. - Sue
The Coronado Gateway should be an "Uber Welcome Center". It should highlight the history of Coronado and provide a structured introduction to our community of merchants. This must be a dynamic presentation that provides equal opportunities to our merchants and yet can provide incremental revenue to Coronado. Think "primary sponsorship", similar to a sports stadium, plus varying levels of sub-sponsorships. - Gary
Removal of the toll entry all together and do large amounts of xenoscaping . That outdated structure is extremely ugly and does nothing to signify our lovely area. -  Liz
TEAR THAT WHOLE TOLL PLAZA DOWN! Anything after that would be wonderful. - David
Remove as much of the horrid structure as possible and landscape with palm trees and colorful plants that do not require a lot of water. - Bunni
There is a voice in Coronado that sees the toll plaza as an example of mid century architecture and it should be preserved. If in fact a new design is decided upon, I would like to see some sort of pedestrian access over the plaza. I would also like to see a small portion of any new building provide a space for Suicide Prevention and resources. I would also like to see a collaboration with Barrio Logan and TAF as discussions move forward. -Toni
Re instate the toll into Coronado to pay for the bridge maintenance, etc, or take down the narrow toll areas and start over again with a welcoming, wider gateway. - Vince
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